Forex trading plan

The forex trading plan is an action plan that details precisely the strategy and the essential elements to invest without leaving room for improvisation.

A serious cfd trading south africa simultaneously applies three different systems. The trading online uk system, risk management (money management) and emotion management.

Each system is made up of its own sets of rules (descriptions of online trading Canada , conditions or actions to be performed). To be effective and quickly consultable, these rules are summarized in the form of an easy-to-follow list of instructions (Checklist) which must fully govern the trading process including the control of entries and exits (forex aus system) , the size of the lots in relation to the stop loss / take profit levels and the funds available on the account (money management system), the emotional state of the trader to avoid human error (emotion management system).

The history of executed trades is recorded in a trading uk  log to be studied later with the aim of improving the systems.

The forex trading rule sets

The forex trading system contains the rules that make it possible to establish signals of technical and / or fundamental types, as well as the opportune moment to open and close the Forex sites trades.

The money management system contains the rules to define the maximum risk compared to the available capital in order to determine the lot size and the number of positions.

The Emotions Management System contains rules and methods to enhance positive emotions and weaken negative emotions of the forex trading in new Zealand trader.


The trading system checklist describes the conditions for entering and exiting trades (i.e. the convergences of technical or fundamental signals that justify opening or closing a position). For example, if the forex trading sites Canada system’s rule set requires opening a forex no deposit bonus when the 20-day moving average crosses the 50-day moving average, the checklist will consist of the following question: “The moving average 20-day approaching the 50-day moving average; If so – prepare to open a trade; if not – observe the market ”.

The money management system checklist contains instructions to check whether the size and number of positions respect the maximum risk established by the strategy based on stop and take profit levels.

The Emotion Management System Checklist contains instructions on how to avoid errors in judgment related to trader psychology. A good Forex Australia  system cannot be rigorously applied by a trader who experiences negative emotions (in times of loss or profit). For example, the list might contain the following question – “Am I angry when the stop loss is hit?” ; if so – I should remember that losses are part of trading and are inevitable. ”

To make money in forex brokers usa, all three trading systems must work in harmony with each other. Trades can be executed on forex south Africa as long as there is no conflict between the instructions of the three checklists.

Ideally, this checklist should be constantly visible to the trading forex sites , it will not be effective if it is written in a notebook that is never consulted. It should be noted that the emotion management system is not useful if the trading is fully automated by an expert advisor.

The forex trading journal

The reliability of a Forex UK is measured over a long series of trades. All information regarding trades executed on the forex market should be recorded in a trading journal. The advantage is to be able to take a step back when the markets close to analyze the trades and improve the strategy.

A good forex brokers south Africa is constantly evolving to adapt to current market conditions. Additionally, keeping a trading journal empowers the trader by forcing him to take a professional approach to currency trading.

There are a number of myths surrounding trading in the financial markets, as there is no single formula for being profitable.

The stock markets can be compared to the ocean and the trader can be compared to a surfer. Surfing requires skill, balance, patience, proper equipment and environmental awareness. Would you like to go to a shark infested ocean?

The attitude to adopt for forex brokers Canada or stock exchange trading is no different from the attitude required for surfing. With a good analytical method and effective application of your strategy, your success rate should improve.

The skill set of trading comes from a combination of talent and hard work.

Here are four tips for successful trading and building a trading strategy .

The trading approach

Before you start trading, you should be aware that good preparation is essential. First, you need to align your goals and your personality with the trading instruments that are suited to your style of trading. Here are three things to consider:

The investment horizon
The unit of time shows the type of trading that suits your personality. If you are more comfortable with a position that does not last long, you are going to prefer short charts and trades that are not exposed to risk over several days. If you have the ability to stay in positions for several days and possibly see your trade losing for a while, you are going to opt for daily charts.

You should also know if you have the will to sit in front of a screen for long hours or if you prefer to do your research once a week and then make a decision to trade for the following days. Remember that the opportunity to make money in the markets takes time. In the short term the Forex brokers South Africa takes small profits or losses, so he has to spend a lot of time in front of his trading platform, the stress is also more important.

The trading strategy
After choosing the investment horizon, you have to find a trading technique suited to your personality and your skills. For example, some investors like to buy on support and sell on resistance. Others prefer to buy or sell breakouts or they use technical indicators such as moving averages.

Then you have to backrest the regulated trading platforms method to see if it works on historical market data. With a system that wins more than 50% of trades, you will have an advantage using a risk / reward ratio greater than 1: 1. Past results are no guarantee of future performance, but if your testing shows that your profits outweigh the losses, the strategy will likely be effective.

Markets and Trading
Instruments Some trading instruments are more orderly and predictable than others, it is difficult to produce a winning system with erratic trading instruments. It is therefore essential to test the strategy on several markets in order to determine whether your strategy is suitable for the instrument being traded.

For example, if you have tested the EUR / USD currency pair, you have surely noticed that the strategies which follow the trend are effective on the forex, but not necessarily on the stock indexes which retrace the price movements much more for lack of liquidity. You should also test several units of time to find the ones that match your trading strategy.

The trader’s attitude

A good trading attitude can be defined by the following points:

A good trader has the patience to wait for the price levels targeted by his system. If your system indicates an interesting price point, but the market does not reach it, you have to wait for the next signal. Impatient traders lose money because they take positions that go against their trading plan .

Discipline allows you to follow the plan and have the ability to wait for the trading system to trigger action. When the price action isn’t affecting your anticipation, it’s important to have the discipline not to trade and to believe in your system.

The objectivity lets not be emotionally attached to a trade. If your trading strategy gives signals with a high probability of success, you don’t need to get emotional or be swayed by the opinion of experts who see other signals. Your system needs to be reliable enough that you can trust it.

Realistic Expectations
While luck sometimes allows you to make a lot of money in a short period of time, be realistic, you cannot win $ 1000 on every trade with forex trading brokers australia . The first goal is not to lose money! The profit target must be realistic and calculated against a large number of trades.


Trading instruments trade differently depending on the major market players and the reasons they invest in these instruments. The motivations of hedge funds are different from those of mutual funds. Banks that speculate in spot forex generally do not have the same objective as retail traders. It is important to determine what drives great players and understand their strategies.

Choose a few currency pairs, stocks or commodities to test your method on each instrument and with different time frames to determine which instruments are most sensitive to your system. This is how you will discover the “personality” of your system. Regularly test your strategy in several markets to adapt it to changing market conditions.

Money management (risk management)

There is no such thing as a 100% safe system. Even with a profitable system that wins 70% of trades, there are still 30% of losing trades. Therefore, the art of profitability lies in the management and execution of the transaction.

Ultimately, success is not possible without careful risk control . It is essential to accept to take the losses quickly. It often takes several tries to take a trade in the correct trend. This practice requires patience and discipline, when your trade is heading in the right direction you should also have the ability to take maximum profit and not cut the trade too early. This approach to trading is easy to understand, but in reality very hard to do.

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